Final Fantasy VII



This is a costume based off of pure speculation, and I have had a blast with it.

In spring of 2007 I drew a very ridiculous picture of what the Turks would look like if they were punk kids who pestered Hayner and Seifer in Twilight Town. Harl suggested we cosplay it, and I went along to placate her, and almost didn't even finish up my costume. However, I'm glad that she pushed me (and gave me the totally sweet eye patch,) as I have had a BLAST cosplaying Rufus.

The coat is made from scratch (started it a long time ago off a matrix pattern, but didn't finish until now,) and the wig is hand-styled. Everything else was purchased or pulled from the closet.

Zipper from here:


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Rufus


Saru-chan wow....not only are you a fabulous cosplayer, but the things you say in your comments just really are so insightful and I'm just like bursting at the seams with joy, and awe and amazement. I like you. You're a cool person. x3

Hikaru-Sama Awesome idea! And the costumes are awesome as well