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For some reason I ended up becoming a great fan of Kankurou.
It may be because of his weird sense of style, his super large nose or his nifty puppets, but the fact remains that I had made up my mind to cosplay as him.

This costume is actually really really hot to wear. Probably because it is black and it also forces me to wear a balaclava. But, other than that, it is reasonably comfortable.

Karasu, my puppet, is composed of a paper tube, quilt batting and a few rolls of medical gauze. It is really light, which was key for me as I can't stand to carry heavy packages around.

I hope to have an opportunity to wear this to a convention again. As well as being worn to CNAnime 2005, it also has been worn for Cosplay Bowling, Hallowe'en and for a few random photoshoots.


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Series Naruto
Character Kankurou
Variant Chuunin Exam


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