Eugénie Danglars

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

@Ami Yuy


This is the outfit she is wearing in episdoe 17 and 18 when writing her song for Albert and Franz comes to visit and give her his letter for Albert.


I picked it since it was fairly easy and I had found the fabric from the top at JoAnn's and it was perfect.

Wig: April from Cosworx

The shoes aren't covered in blue facric yet, and I haven't made the flower pin yet, but they should be done for Anime Expo 2006.

The top is just a shirt pattern where I didn't attach the sleeves (and that caused problems of it's own - it's pinned in the front of the collar some) and the fabric used in it is what insipred me to do this particular costume. The pants are some cheap $5 bright red & orange things that were shortened and covered with some Indian-style fabric from JoAnn's.


@Ami Yuy
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Series Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Character Eugénie Danglars
Variant Tank top and capris from episode 17 & 18


iron_eagle wow very well done.very cute.