SohRyu, Blue Dragon of the East

Descendants of Darkness



I am going to die :D

Inspiration: Sohryu=LOVE! Okay, the idea of dying from heat in 5 layers of ornate kimono death seemed strangely appealing :D It's just too pretty to NOT do it, ne? SohRyu as a character is a bit... odd, but I still wanna hug him. ^.^

Favorite Aspect: It's HUGE. It can eat me :D

Least Favorite Aspect: Lack of contenuity in the few ref pictures there are &gt;.< The details aren't consistant so on this one I had to figure out which ones to keep... Myah.

Easiest Task: Base kimonos (without the sleeves) are generally easy to put together... It's the sheer amount of fabric that makes it annoying.

Hardest Task: Trying to figure out a good color scheme... Trying to find appropriate fabric to MATCH said color scheme... Hemming (Oh Lord &gt;.<)... ...Moving &gt;.&gt;


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Series Descendants of Darkness
Character SohRyu, Blue Dragon of the East
Variant Ceremonial Robes


Destinyo Wow! O___O What a cool costume... Sohryu <3<3 TT^TT I wanna cosplay him too~!