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Alicia is the youngest sergeant of Theater Vancoor, a prodigy and daughter of the great hero Alfred. And her costume ROCKS! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and knew I had to make it real. It's proved to be quite an ordeal - I'm making armor for the first time out of foamies. But I love it!

Took about 3 months to finish this costume. Heavy emphasis on armor making using craft foam sheets. In fact, most of this costume is just armor! You've got the breastplate, wrist and hand guards, elbow guards, shoulder pauldrons, stocking tops, knee guards, greaves, and shoe plates. The only cloth parts are the bodysuit, the skirt, gloves, and the stockings. The helmet is cardboard, paperclay, foamies and feathers (my first ever!) and I'm very proud of it. I am extremely satisfied with this costume, as it was a little dream come true for me to make it.


@Fire Lily
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Series Radiata Stories
Character Alicia


Hopie You did such an amazing job! I actually have Radiata Stories on pause right now, and came here to see if there were any good cosplays from it. I didn't expect to see something so amazing! Wonderful work! =]

Lushi Yay! Great costume! Radiata Stories needs more love, and more cosplayers. Its costumes are sooo amazing, it's too bad not enough people make the costumes. I did a cosplay of Rachel (the girl who sings at the Red Lotus Metropolis at night), and made costumes for my friends of Ganz (the bandit version), Fan, Marsha, Marietta, and Ursula. They ended up getting rushed towards the end, though, so they're not nearly as amazing as yours!

hokagesama wow, it looks fantastic!!! it gave me hope and something look up to for my cloud armor project!!

Sarcasm-hime Wow! Everything looks really neat and sharp! I never would have imagined that craft foam would be strong enough to make a chestpiece/corset - have you reinforced it with anything? Special coating?