stinababe as Chaos


Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

Cosplayer: stinababe
This costume was really fun to make (even though I ran into trouble along the way), but very hard to wear. I waddled around the convention and I almost drove my friend crazy with her holding my stuff. Also, the wings kept on whacking people...a lot! I couldn't wear them walking around, but I could for the masquerade. Also, they weighed like 45 pounds, so my back broke in a half hour....I had to wear them for 2 hours straight. School on Monday was suicide 0_0.
I received a good reaction from it, though. People wanted to keep touching my chest (it was a push light) and trying to hug me....that was an adventure in itself. My Galian Beast and Nero were also fun to goof around with. Just a little advice, do not make costumes that dont allow you to sit....seriously.