Who doesn't like the Circus~!? :D

I wanted to tackle this cosplay for a number of reasons, mainly to try to improve in areas I lack in skill. I.E, lining everything, props (the hand was a good challenge), and various other techniques.

All the diamonds on the vest and back of the jacket are hand painted with Tulip fabric paint, a total of about 5-6 days worth of planning and paint work went into both the jacket and the vest. Yeah, I'm way too slow with things like that. XD

The other diamonds on the jacket sleeve cuffs, inside the jacket and on the side of the pants were cut out and appliqued on via Wonder Under. Because I ran out of time to paint them. :'3

The hand was hand sculpted out of air dry clay, over a dowel rod armature. It does move with my own hand movements, unfortunately the way it works is a trade secret, but it does involve springs and invisible thread. :3 Pictures and a video link displaying the movement of the hand will be posted soon, as I had some technical difficulties with it at the con and had to cut the strings early in.

SA2R styled the glorious wig for me, as I still suck in that particular field. :'D


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Character Joker


SirWonderusMary Ah, How I love how you did your joker cosplay. I, myself am interested in cosplaying him as he's my favorite character in Kuro, besides Viscount. Stunning job on the skeleton hand as well! ^^