Rozen Maiden



So this being my first costume ever I was pretty happy with it. My and my friend just finish Rozen Maiden and wanted to cosplay for it. Me, wanting to do a twin/pair cosplay decide we should be Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. Plus Suiseiseki is a awesome desu character.

Me and my friend originally got our costumes commission from a Asia country. But when we got our costumes they look nothing like the character. We ended up buying more fabric and fixing them up. The watering can was made from cardboard and paper mache then painted with gold and silver paint.

These costume we originally going to be for Fanexpo but since we finish them before AnimeNorth we decide to wear them there. Our friend Erin was also with us as Shinku. For a first time cosplayers the photo shoot were pretty fun I say. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and enjoy the cupcakes we made!
It was very funny when the L came in. I hope cosplaying in the future will just be as fun!

I like to rewear this costume sometime, perhaps with the same people at Rozen Maiden photoshoot. When I do rewear I like to try and fix these thing; Have longer hair, get contacts, making a bigger watering can and fix up the skirt(I wanted it to fanned out) This is one of my favourites costumes I don’t think I’ll ever getting bored of wearing it! (Expect having to wear 5 layers in the hot hot sun! Lol)


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