The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Human form Midna from the end of Twilight Princess.

I have posted pictures of it in its different stages of completion, and hope to get more up soon once its further along.

This costume is my Baby. Its the first actual cosplay costume I've made, and boy has it been a project. Lol

Its basically 3 parts. The Cloak, The Skirt, and the Top.

The Cloak was by far the most tedious project. We had nothing but an in game renderring and some screen shots to base it off of. Picked a really drapey synthetic fabric called "Like Silk", so its a very smooth, nice laying fabric. Made the pattern completely from scratch, because I have been unable to find any patterns that look even remotely close to the style of hers. Took over a day of drawing, and making models out of paper to get the finnished design. Painting the pattern onto the back of it was quite the project. I drew out the pattern on my own, because at the time I did not have a good, clear picture of it, and then went to work painting. I used a good 2-3 bottles of Jacquard White Textile Fabric Paint, because painting white onto black is a very tedious process, plus the fabric kept absorbing the paint. -_- After it was painted and pressed, I then lined the inside of it with the same type of fabric in the blue colour.

The Skirt was quite simple. Used the same black "Like Silk" fabric as the cloak. Its just a panel of fabric that doesn't quite wrap all the way around me, about 4 or so inches of space, hence leaving the nice big "slit" up the side. And then attached a tie to both sides, as a means of keeping it up around my waist. Used the same White Textile paint to do the patterning on the skirt.

The top is actually a long armed body suit that I then proceeded to cut most of the front of it out. The thing that I hadn't thought of, was being in a body suit makes it horribly complicated to go to the washroom. -_- Lol But besides that, it still gives me the look that I was going for.

Other then that, I purchased a pair of Red Contacts, and used a black eyeliner to do the eye / eyebrow make up.

The first wig I had I found was far too Orange. It was almost flurescent, and really did not go with the look I was trying to achieve. I was then able, by luck for the most part, to find a wig that I feel is perfect. It is a much tamer shade of orange, and starts with a darker colour at the roots, and fades to a brighter, lighter orange at the tips.

My newest aquisition is the body paint. After scouting around, and talking to some friends, I was recommended Ben Nye. So I went online and purchased Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Paint in Black and Stormy Blue. Along with the setting powder and liquids. I have been told that it is comfertable enough feeling, and since the product is made for actors, dancers and stage performers, it is very durable, and will provide an even solid colour even through a days worth of moving and sweating. Soo... fingers crossed, here's hoping that it works out good. :)

Thats pretty much it. I am attempting to work with craft foam right now to make some of the head regailment.

If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post. And if you have any thoughts or questions feel free to send me a PM. ^^


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Midna


11Dani11 You did a GOOOOOOOOOOD job : D It was nice talking to you there, and getting stopped for photos x3

11Dani11 Where did you get your contacts? ^^

MissKitsune But of course!! haha I will be staying at the double tree all week end. : ) I'm sure you will see me on the grass or infront of the hotel. ;) I can't wait to see you! : DDD ♥

MissKitsune I love your midna costume. : ) haha I'm being wolf link this year. ;) Who might you be cosplaying this year ma'am? : D

PrincessDominique23 Thats really awesome *w*

Cheiko Ben Nye & Mehron Make up - cause I was stupid and forgot to buy white Ben Nye, so I had to mix the blue Ben Nye with white Mehron to lighten the colour. Didn't work to amazingly well... flaked off all day no matter what I did. Though the straight out Ben Nye worked amazingly well and lasted all weekend. It was straight out Make up onto my skin. Used make up sponges to apply it, took about 2 hours every morning. Lol

Lil_Squishy Thank you so much for sharing all that information. So maybe Im dense or I'm just not reading it properly. Did you use the ben nye on you, or on a body suit you were wearing? how long did it take to apply all the ben nye?