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Tales of Symphonia



Why I cosplayed it: First of all, Tales of Symphonia is my favorite game besides Pokemon. Second, I decided to cosplay Colette because my brother and I are like Lloyd and Colette. He likes adventure and stuff, and I'm clumsy and kind of dense sometimes. Also, we have the same initals and height. ^-~ So when he decided to cosplay Lloyd, it was the obvious way to go.

How costume was made:
This was my first real cosplay and since I can't sew, my dad helped me a LOT on it. I re-made the Cruxis Crystal and it looks a lot better now (the one I wore at Mechacon 2008 was made of pipe cleaners) and the first wig was bought at Wal-Mart... it was bad. But it's my first cosplay, and I'm proud of it.
Wig and blonde bobby pins were bought.
Undershirt bought from local store and rehemmed sleeves into cuffs. Added buttons and ribbon. Owned leggings.
Dad made the dress, vest, and boot covers completely out of canvas material with no pattern. My dad took peices of cloth, pinned 'em to me, and then took them off and sewed them. Then we both added the blue ribbon lining. The two gold buttons on her jacket should actually be on the dress, and function like real buttons. Mine are just for show. The boot covers have elastic on the bottom to secure them to my shoes. Dad also made brother's Lloyd costume.
old set- dad made them for me with flimsy wood. we didn't paint them, but my brother drew nice designs and put my name on them. but one broke right before i went onstage. ;_; i had to hold it a certain way to try and make it seem like it wasn't broken.
new set- dad made them for me with real wood and painted them white. i just have to put finishing touches on them.
Cruxis crystal (I'll probably make a new one)
version 1: pipe cleaners. For the jewel, I used a peice of red cloth that i put glitter on so it would shine.
version 2: metallic gold leather stuff from Hobby Lobby. the jewel is made out of clay that I molded in a diamond shape (it isn't 3-D) and attached with hot glue. use a lot of hot glue so it doesn't fall apart. to put it around my neck i used velcro, but unless you use strong hot glue, that comes off too. I ended up borrowing another Colette cosplayer's cruxis crystal one time.
wings- didn't make them yet, but i want to in the future.

Debuted: Mechacon 2008, then I wore it to Louisianime and Mechacon 2009, and for Mardi Gras my brother and I dressed up for a parade. (him as Lloyd) Someone thought I was Wonder Woman. I got a kick out of THAT. That dude was so drunk.
Then worn to Mechacon 2014 to meet Scott Menville! (Voice of Lloyd)

Fun times: meeting new friends. Every moment in this costume, pretty much. My first cosplay contest. Anime Club Halloween Party 2008- meeting more new friends.


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kahana14 I have a did you make the vest thingy?

Soratarataa Awww You look so cuye as Colette; I have Lloyd costumee *O* ToS is amazing xD!