Mega Man X

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Started looking into making this costume and acquiring material at least two years back but did not start building until this May. Armour is soft foam sheets cut and glued into shape then covered in stretch fabric. Headset is a real hodgepodge of materials: cardboard, bondo, air dry clay, fabric, hairband, hard and soft foam. I would have probably been more uniform if I had found air dry earlier-I really don't like using bondo. Gems are also made from air dry clay then painted and glossed. As always, there is more that I would have liked to do but this costume has earned her retirement already! I'll still wear it a few more times, most likely whenever I get a matching X and possibly Zero.

I only got a chance to make a few changes before Otakon but they really made a difference in photos. I sewed the shoulder pads to the body armour which prevented gaping between and made it easier to put on. I also re painted and glossed the gems to have more dramatic highlights. Many people asked if they had been caste resin and were mildly surprised it was just paint. I also stitched the grey details onto gauntlets instead of just pinning and quilted the back button. no one wanted to push that button though, most people pushed my shoulder buttons instead. I also had to stitch the bottom section of the body armour closed everytime I got into it. Add that to a full bodysuit and this is one costume I was in for a few hours at least.


@Psycho Sukafu
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Series Mega Man X
Character Alia
Variant Megaman X8


Peach Knight I LOVE YOU COSTUME! I hope you attend PAX East this year! I will be Layer and trying to mimic your awesome work!

TheBlueMuse Fantastic work, would be a pleasure to have you as my navigator! *hopes for future Layer cosplay*

sephygoth Having the pleasure seeing this at Otakon, I can say its a pure honor to see this waiting next to me backstage. Great job!

Ansatsusama Oh! you're a Awesome Alia-san Amazing armor! Amazing Cosplay!