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When approached by my director that we were doing a Brawl show, I balked. I have to admit, I hadn't played the game and I make a personal note to never costume something I've never seen/played and I have to have some affinity to the character. So, there was only one choice: find a Wii and play some Brawl!

Samus is just my sort of gal! It was easy to get into her character, and as Stephanie has dubbed me the Spandex Queen, putting the outfit together was rather easy.

I started by drafting a two seam bodysuit out of white spandex (having only the back and crotch seams) and put it on my mannequin. Then I traced the style lines on the dress form, removed the suit, and cut away the pieces that would become the various panels of Samus' Zero Suit.

I chose to use two shades of matte Milliskin and found a great silver gradient spandex I used to accent. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough and wasn't able to cover as much on the legs as I would have liked.

I couldn't find boots to alter, so the night before, I made boot covers so I wouldn't ruin my favorite pair of Nine West boots. I still need to go back and add some light blue spandex along the bottom of the covers.

My fiance painted her left breast symbol on, and we plan to add the hand and back designs when we have more time.


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