Joshua Shepherd

Silent Hill: Homecoming



Makeup is a base layer of Paradise "Storm Grey" with a second layer of Corpse Grey and Death Blue by Mehron. Finishing touches come from a Vampire Wheel and various eye and lipliner pencils.

Contacts are GEO's "Crazy Lenses" in the white color. I fully endorse them.

Miri did it first, and while she was posting progress photos, I kept thinking "My gosh, those clothes look cool."

So I got into Silent Hill: Homecoming and spent hours wetting myself because I am a total sap and suck at playing survival horror games.

I have a huge fondness for special effects makeup and the like, so I couldn't pass up a chance to attempt to be half as successful as Avianna's job on Miri at Ohayo. I owe oodles to Avi for doing the makeup first and figuring out the best course of action before I started tinkering =P

Yes, I am a huge raving copycat, but sometimes it's too hard to resist.

Everything is pretty much modified. Version 1 of the wig is complete crap and I hate it. The signet ring is inaccurate and there's some small details that aren't correct but I'm pleased.

Worn originally at BASHCon and then replaced for Animarathon.

For Animarathon 09, I cosplayed opposite my friend Matt's Alex and won the MC Favorite Award for Craftsmanship.


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Series Silent Hill: Homecoming
Character Joshua Shepherd


oathtoorder awesomeeeee :D

musokasakura The eyes scare me, but that's good!

JETG!RL Yeah... that's bloody creepy. Excellent!

Avianna Did the makeup work for you?

Bonk Aah, thank you~! I owe you and Miri so much for the advice :3

Avianna Bah! Your's looks awesome! <3