Sean Napier (ExoFleet Earth Resistance Commander)




This character is very old school from one of the best SCIFI war series ever made for TV! With this character I feel like I have close ties too, since I know what it feels like to be a commander and to have lose people under your command. Like Sean Napier, I know what it also feels like to have commander force upon you. So I feel a very close relationship when I role play and cosplay this character. For the face paint I use standard US Army issue Brown face camo paint. For the blue that was a problem I couldn't really find a real good blue face paint that was pure blue. I used non-professional grade blue face paint, which I am not very happy about, the blue triangles on his face really didn't show up too well in the photos. For the uniform I used a Czech style army uniform with my real tactical army gear. To further enhance the photos I used some prop weapons that have used in my other cosplays.

For those cosplayers who never heard of Exosquad I have included some links below for the series and character


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Series Exosquad
Character Sean Napier (ExoFleet Earth Resistance Commander)


goldenvaulter Holy hell that is kickass!

Kirdina_the_elf These look AMAZING! Awesome job! :)

CplCowboy Freaking Sweet! Exo squad!! Awsome!!! And your from massachuttes!!!! You freakin rock dude.

Mnemeth17 Nice!!!

Phoebe-Elona Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)))))))))

EternalSuccubus GREAT costume!!! Congratulations, perfect!

darkinastyasef Cool! You excellent! Professional photo!

Alwayzbored OhEmGee! That's just sooo awesome! ^-^ Love the military stuff. :o

Seth-tyan OMG!!! I really DO love this ne! *_* ♥_♥

H-Sama awesome

Gloha_h Wow!! Look at the amount of detail on this one! Great job! :)

iheartexploding thats actually prertty damn cool man! you did an awesome job!