The Twelve Kingdoms



Apparently Risai in her formals isn't quite obscure enough for me. :D Either that, or there's an odd appeal into making a costume that will involve, in part, taking the armour portion out back and beating on it with swords (and probably sticks and other things too, of course). Maybe I just want the challenge of doing a cosplay based on two pictures (okay, not really). Either way, this one'll be an interesting challenge, to say the least.

Materials: linen/cotton fabric, fibre-reactive dyes, 8-10 oz tooling leather, leather dyes (Eco-Flo and Fiebing's), Satin Sheen leather finish, waxed cotton cord, Dye-na-Flow paints. The sword, which was finished for regular Risai, involves a whole bunch of other components.

Not included in the overall percentage? Those boots. Because DO WANT and intend to make, but those are NOT going to be an easy task ... Also the sword, because I made that a while ago.

Makeup work done by Inoli, who gave me epic gangrene. Love you!


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Series The Twelve Kingdoms
Character Risai
Variant 黄昏の岸 暁の天 cover


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