Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



This was worked on with kin_sama at the same time. We finished everything in time for MetroCon '08 except for the weapons which we completed at the end of October.

All of the leather material aspects are made of car leather which is a lot thicker than most other fabrics because it had, not only a leather top, but a cloth underside. We made the coat first. Than each piece of the side design was separately sewn into place on a thin piece of see-through material. Once it was a whole piece, we sewed the whole thing on the coat. We purchased the custom zippers from http://zippersource.com/. The wrists were crafted with bangles purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts and hot glued into place. The boots were made from on-sale Keds. We made a pattern to get the leather to be form-fitting and hot glued the "covers" in place. We already had gloves (although mine were a little too brown...) and the pants were merely tights. We made the big shoulder armor pieces out of cardboard, bear-stuffing and a bit of furniture foam. The little ones were just stuffed. We hand sewed the little ones to the big ones. The straps were also hand sewed to the armor and the snaps were stomped in place (literally). The wigs were purchased from eBay seller CosplayWig.

Kadaj's weapon was made out of Balsa wood and my father, a carpenter, crafted it. Kin finished it off by wrapping the hilt and adding the black and white ribbons. Yazoo's weapon was made out of spruce wood and bits of metal for the trigger, trigger guard, hammer, and site. I used a hot glue gun to make the designs.

Total Time: ~6 months on and off again
Total Cost: ~$185, surprisingly. We had two nice discounts on our leather. <3

Retired because it's really become too much for me. I might bring it back after a revamp, but it's done.

★ Did you buy this?
- No. We made just about everything.
★ Where did you get your leather?
- From a car repair shop; an autobody shop.
★ Was the leather hard to work with?
- YES. D: It was really difficult to work with.
★ Where did you get your contacts?
- No contacts involved. Just good lighting.
★ What pattern did you use to make the coats?
- We made our own from a form-fitting jacket we had and extended it to the appropriate length.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Yazoo


Chergnomebyl Yes I did ^_^ BUT you make a wonderful Yazoo.

shattered_song i have definitely seen you around before and i just gotta say you make an ammaazing yazoo! not many can pullit off but you do!

Akichou I found joo here too! (Is the Demyx/Chrome/Tobi)

ladymatsuya These two costumes are gorgeous. Best Yazoo I've seen! You guys have mad cosplay skillz. XD

pancake101 woah! what are the chances of finding you! i'm the itachi from chibi pa! >.< the one whose midget friend kept stealing your mother *bows a billion times* i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for what she did! i was to busy watching the bags and crud

Saeru Lovely job. These costumes are a bunch of small pieces of hell to make, and you pulled it off very nicely. THANK YOU for paying attention to the little details. ^.^