Professor Layton and the Curious Village



I need an excuse to wear this again, it was so comfortable and kept me nice and warm on a cold December morning.


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Series Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Character Luke


Dango! Such an awesome Luke! And I saw this just in time for Pandora's Box. 8D How nice.

_Paradox_ and i thought i was the only one thinking of doing prof. layton cosplays XD

Rosecloud That reminds me a puzzle! >w<

ToroSonyCat hey, i just saw you on deviantart! :o you two look awsome! great cosplays!

lolacolabunny :O AWWGGGGHHH!! XD I LOVE IT!!! They are both great! Aww man those are really good! I am envyous XD Prof. Laton is a great game btw :D

TravelerOfGames What a cute costume! Your friend just adds to the awesome-ness. Great job! *favs*

BalthierFlare So adorable! :D

Jarlino O_O You're the cutest Luke ever! Totally awesome! &hearts;