Wang Liu Mei

Mobile Suit Gundam 00



made as part of the Cosplay Challenge series of workshops. :)

WHEE!!! i preped the whole thing!! yay! it took about two months of solid work to get the outfit, wig and performance done.

dress is a one-piece garment, with a zip at the top back and another zip at the hip. i used satin crepe to get that deep almost shimery look. bias tape, cheongsam buttons and flower pattern were painted on using dylon gold paint, then soaked in red-ish water to mute the gold a bit.

had a lot of support though. lots of thanks to the following pple:

STEPHANIE & TAKAHAN: for organizing CC.
YAFROMUK: for sharing her experience sewing her own liu mei outfit, and for sharing her reference pics wif me.
ALEX DINO: for providing second opinion with choosing materials.
INURAN: for supervising the group's drafting
CLAUDE: for driving us down every sun!
CYRUS: for assisting everytime i ran into sewing problems, providing useful into on how to get stuffs done, for being a friend, and for fixing my botchy wig n makeup on the day itself!
IRWAN: for spending sat afternoon helping me to record my performance piece
AIRI: for providing extra hands during the draping process
MY MOM: for bearing up with the mess in the house from making the costume, and for helping me braid-and-bun the wig.


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Wang Liu Mei


Narnian Lovely dress! It's so pretty and the colors look almost like they're alive.

yafromuk Totally cute =) you did a great job

Mirai Noah Looks fantastic! :D

Geister Awesome job!!! You look just like her!!