Manfred von Karma/ Karuma Gou

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



This costume was the my first one made mostly from scratch. The coat, vest, pants, and jabot were all made using a pattern and altering slightly so the coat was more of a cutaway.

When I first wore this my original wig was rendered useless, so I idiotically threw on my crappy Xemnas wig and looked more like Motley von Crew. Then someone recommended Mehron's liquid make-up and Got 2 B Glued, and I like that MUCH more.


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Series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Character Manfred von Karma/ Karuma Gou


Hopie So awesome!!

SuWan Holy Crap I just noticed you did von Karma AH!!!!> <

Yaexrae Omfg, I love this costume so much. ;__; Your captions had me literally laughing out loud too. I'm so bummed I wasn't at Ohayocon 2009, because I went this year as Franziska and there were no Manfreds anywhere.