Beyond Good & Evil



When I finished this game, I immediately started work on this costume. I love this character that much.

I can't really choose what was the most difficult part, so I will start from the top down. The wig is a black Roni from Cosworx. Headband is simply a strip of fabric.

The jacket was based off Simplicity 4280. I used some spare fabric for the trim. The buttons are black and simply painted green. To get the "military surplus" look on the shoulders and chest, I sewed some squares on the appropriate areas and put in some extra seams. Then used fiberfill (used to stuff pillows, teddy bears, etc.) to give them that "raised" look.

The tank top I bought from Belk's. It has a bra built into it, which is important for big-chested women like me that need the support. I cut off enough to show my midriff, so nothing special there.

The purple glove is merely a sheath with a hole for my thumb.

I went through three different pants to find the perfect ones. You'd be amazed what some people on EBay think passes as "light green" these days. Then I used some blown-up pictures I downloaded off the Internet to paint the pattern on the pants with lots and lots of fabric paint. I think I used up two whole bottles to do the design.

The "computer bag" provided an interesting challenge. I noticed it would make an awesome hip bag for conventions, so I decided to sew it as a bag instead of building it out of wood to make it more "computer-like". I sketched out a 9-10" circle on newspaper and added a rectangle to the top half. Then I sewed a 2" strip between the two. I added a couple of strips to the top, with a zipper between them. I overlapped the 2" strip to prevent spillage. I cut out a bunch of circles out of nylon netting and another circle out of a foam sheet. I used a glue gun to attach the netting, then sewed the netting to the bag and added more glue to make it sturdier. Same for the secondary "speaker", "on indicator" and "ports". A few strips of extra fabric forms the clips. Then added nylon belting and clips. The shoulder strap is more nylon belting.

My staff is just a standard 50" dai jo staff that I bought online from Century Martial Arts.

The only intentional discrepancy is the shoes, but I don't want to spend $100 to buy a pair of brown Docs when my black Docs are just as serviceable.


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Series Beyond Good & Evil
Character Jade


Tigress This and my Oboro costumes are my "still wanna cosplay, but don't wanna get stopped every five feet for pics" cosplays. They are so obscure that only a handful of people recognize them. (And I count those that do for my con "statistics".) Coincidentally, BG&E and Basilisk are also my favorite game and anime, respectively.

ShadowDrac This is really cool. My mom and I played this game together, so it's neat to see a cosplay from it. :) And a really good one, at that.