Hilary as Meg/ Megu

Meg/ Megu

Burst Angel

Cosplayer: Hilary
Well, I saw the first couple episodes of this show and said to myself, "Wow! This is the crappiest show ever!" I mean, fanservice is sometimes cute and naughty and often hilarious, but there's something about a fifty second camel-toe shot of a minor that is just kind of wrong. These types of shots are made possible by the beyond skanky costume designs. They are as random and ecclectic as FFX2, but not nearly as popular. Therefore, I decided to make Meg!
I found a perfect lightweight swimsuit knit that I used for the top. I sewed fabric over a push-up bra and redid the straps in non-stretch fabric for more support. then I draped and patterned the bottom of the shirt. It's lined, and quite comfortable. the skirt is a hack- and slash pattern, and those eyelets were a real bear to put in. I fused interfacing to the material for the chaps and pinned them to my thigh-highs. I have a to figure out a way to get them to stay up now!
the hat was a POS I found in Walmart. The wig is from Karen's wigs with the bangs lopped off in the bathroom. My fave part of this costume is the holster, which I spent an obscene amount of time on. You can't see any of the detail, but the seams are all accurate, and I had to fray check each strand of the fringe individually. There is also hand-made piping that I attached by hand around the whole thing.
Obviously I had a lot of time when the holster was made, and then crapped the rest of the costume out in like two nights. I have to figure out how to wear this thing withought fearing for a wardrobe malfuntion. Glue? double sided tape? I will experiment.