Duo Lon

King of Fighters



So, i simply love this costume... i dunno how in the earth it could be better (for me, of course)

I'm so proud of this costume, i remember the time i made it, i was dealing with some serious problems on my home, and in the end everything went ok~

Those dragons are the luv, and i think there'll never be enought words to say how i thanks my friend KC for hand paint 'em all in no time~

Haha this costume is always a big success xD
when i need an upgrade on my ego, all i need to do is wear this costume xD~
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Last Updated 14 years ago
Created 15 years ago
Series King of Fighters
Character Duo Lon
Variant The King of Fighters XI


Purified Ace Dunno if I've said this before, but you pull off Duo Lon with gusto. As a KoF fan, I am impressed. Bravo.