Miranda Lawson

Mass Effect

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Well this was...interesting. This was the first time I have ever heavily modified a bodysuit, heavily modifying a gun, and styling a wig so this was a challenge. I need to go back and repair/redo things. I would like to get a brand new suit made before October for PureSpec

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Miranda. I love her loyalty suit (very Bond girl/femme fatale), but the rest of her I really don't care for.
I guess the one thing I really like about Miranda is that shes loyal to her values/causes and she owns her mistakes. Not a lot of people can keep that commitment. Well...shes not -really- a person... xD


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Series Mass Effect
Character Miranda Lawson
Variant Loyalty suit


scuba_muffin your costume looks amazing! i really want to make this costume but im having trouble finding a bodysuit that i can modify. where did you get yours?

ladywaffle Hey there! Lovely job. I'm attempting this outfit myself, and I was wondering if I could ask you how you added the trimming to the bodysuit without it warping when stretched.


Keelah I love all your Mass Effect cosplays! Such amazing details. :3

Angeal nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome costume nice work really you did freaking awesome work

MassEffectInfo Hi hmwsg x, I'm the webmaster for a Mass Effect fan site. I came across your profile and I really liked your pictures. I'd like to post your cosplay photos on my website. Please take a look at my "Cosplay" page and let me know if this is ok with you. http://masseffectinfo.com/cosplay-images/

Krogan It seems like you get better with every costume! I was so happy when i saw someone doing a ME cosplay at the Con great job!

Griever 2112 Still say this came out awesome, looking forward to seeing what improvements your going to do for the new suit.