Team Galaxy (TV)



Yoko was really fun to cosplay as! She's a total spunky entertainer and wears the brightest colours ever XD! (I don't know if I pulled them off well)

I think the hardest part of this costume was the wig!

I had never hot glued or added re-enforcements to a wig before, so I spent lots of time just staring at the unfinished mess trying to think of how I was going to make it look as best as it could!

It didn't help that I started with an old halloween wig that has been kicked around on the floor a few times @[email protected](not by me of course u_u!)

I found wefts of the colour I needed, though most of it went into filling in the holes where the netting showed) and the yellow was made with a practically new looking, despite its age, halloween wig. It was really bright so I toned it down with talcum powder.

I'm glad I could use that thing for something ^^.

I'm really proud of the jacket collar, and the whole thing wasn't very difficult to do. I'm glad I might be able to wear it as just a standard spring jacket.

The skirt was fun...just jagged edges everywhere!

I made boot covers over my mom's pair of boots (which were too big of course, but the heel and toe were perfect so...) It was tough walking in them to the con though...

The socks were bought at Pacific Mall before I knew anything about this cosplay because I loved them *bubblegum pink!*. The stripes are detachable ^^.


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score The wig DOES look really good and suits you well!

AckIsBack Whoa, this is cool! The wig looks awesome!