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My Las Vegas Eskimo/gay ice climber outfit.

So, last year I made a female mafumofu costume out of spare fabric, mostly khaki-colored suiting and felt. It was fun to wear, but I've wanted to do a new one for awhile now.

I used fleece for the gloves, boots and pouches, suede for the coat, and twill, felt, leather, fake teeth and a ridiculous amount of embroidery floss for all the trim. Ric-rac was also abused, because I have no idea when I'll ever get another chance to legitimately put it to use on a costume.

I don't have a sewing machine anymore, so the entire thing is hand-sewn, and every seam is gone over with big X stitches to look as goofy and home-sewn as possible. There is a lot tiny, hard-to-see detail work and tons of embroidery close up. Eventually I'll get around to photographing it XD

The tabbard was definitely the most time-consuming part, and the entire thing is attached to the white leather with tiny decorative stitches. Many hours were spent in the breakroom at work trying to get this part done, lol.

The sword is pretty simple, just a block of balsawood I cut out and hand-sanded. The metal accents are polyvinyl, and the white is paperclay wrapped up with medical tape.

Everything is made from scratch, just patterned out of newspaper and stitched together. Usually I do armor because I just don't have the patience or finesse to battle a sewing machine (major props to anyone who wrestles with sewing-based costumes), but hand-sewing is fun and it barely felt like I was doing work! I just watched lots of trashy reality TV and time slipped away.

I love my hat! It's fur-lined and so very ridiculous, and the feather can be put in and taken out so I can stuff the entire costume into a backpack for travel.

It's a super comfy costume, and I had a lot of fun tromping around the con having hilarious discussions with fellow Monster Hunter fans. I made it specifically to take to Ohayocon, where I can get cool winter snow pics!


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