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Super simple costume. Could definitely be improved with more accurate knee-highs, more accurate glasses and a WAY better brunette bob wig, but for the purposes of entertaining kids at church on Halloween, I think this outfit is pretty darn spiffy. My bro (no is Shaggy Rogers and my sister (littlecrater) is Scooby-Doo.

Costume, Velma: Sweater and skirt were bought at thrift stores (after many months of hunting). They are my favorite pieces. The shoes I already owned. Socks were bought at DD's--they have yellow toe, heel, and top but it was last minute, unless I find/make better before Oct 31. The wig was SUPER cheap from K-mart and is dreadfully poofy and ichy. It's also black, which is inaccurate but it was the closest I could find to her brunette/burgandy hair.

Prop(s): Magnifying glass was bought at the dollar store. Glasses were simple reading glasses I'd used for a past photoshoot for a friend and the lenses were popped out. Scooby Snack box pic was printed out and glued on a huge box of Cherrios. :P "The Mystery Machine" sign and flowers/designs were neon colored posterboard and the lightblue covers for the van are cheap plastic tablecloths.

Costume, Shaggy : Just a thrift shirt and pants. My bro was not allowed to cut his hair until after halloween for a more shaggy-like look. His goatee is natural and normally annoying but perfect for this character!

Costume, Scooby: Scooby is made from scratch, mainly following an adult animal body-suit pattern by Simplicity that I borrow from a friend. Unfortunately, my sister, littlecrater is smaller than the extra small size of the pattern so I had a lot of difficulty sizing it to her. The crotch is pretty low, the arms baggy, the hood completely awkward, the legs a bit short... overall, I wish I'd just bought a kids pattern and gone from there. Collar was made from felt that I happened to have, the tag is glued onto cardboard for strength/shape. The ears and tail were only ever pinned on and need to be fixed before handsewing them to the costume. Despite all the trouble, littlecrater just can't help but be so darn cute!!!

Additional Comments: Scooby was the first time I'd put in a zipper. I'm VERY proud. However, I think I HATE putting sleeves on outfits. So far, they've kept coming out bad. I would rather have a nice dark brown wig for Velma, possibly also an orange bow shaped clip like in the newer cartoon design.

For more pics, specifically of Scooby Doo, please check out littlecrater's gallery (she'll upload soon) and my WIP gallery will soon have some progress shots.

Now worn: Halloween 2010, AX 2011, Halloween 2011, AM^2 2012, Comikaze 2014, Halloween 2017


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Narnian This cosplay is amazing! You did so well!