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My first challenging wig. I made the hairline by gluing extension to craft foam and styled the up-do with a lot of hairspray.
Horns are modelmagic painted with acrylic.
The arms are made of styrene lined with foam. I had to spraypaint the chain.
I had to apply over 450 studs on the pants, top, and shoes. They were punched in, but didn't stick so they were also hot glued.
Shoes are modified flip-flops with pleather, foam and wire.
Pants are a satin base and with silk duponi strips overtop.

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I am open for prop and accessories commissions. PM me :D


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Avalon Code
Character Rempo


Sakura_CC Gratz for the showcase!! Your cosplay is awesome :D

Mary_Chan_Hime Awesome!!!!

Sachie Wow, congrats on the showcase! I love Rempo, he was such a fun character to play with! :D

Dust Bunny Congrats on your showcase. You did a fantastic job on this costume!

NiGHTmaren Instant-win for Avalon Code cosplay. You did a great job on this costume, especially the propwork!

TMLiza Oh wow. This is amazing. ^_^. I love Rempo. I think the arm-things are amazing.

Imari-chan Favorite Rempo! <3 Love it so much! Avalon Code looooove~

Athel Congrats on the showcase, Megan~!! You rock!

Hee-Hee Congratulations on the Showcase! I've always admired this wig and I'm glad you're getting some recognition for the cosplay!

Zabuz I don't know why, but I like those ears.

&#9734; KEITA I love this cosplay of yours, and I'm so glad it was finally showcased! Congratulations. :D

Dan.I.Elle Congratulations! :O

Lunnie Whoo showcase. Good job. :D

Kudrel Yay showcase! Congrats girl! ^.^

Hee-Hee That wig is really impressive! Great job with everything!

Mahato Shey-Kun Another one for the books.