Date Masamune

Sengoku Basara

@Bur Loire

I seriously enjoyed wearing this costume toooo much. Giant cresent of eye-poking DEATH!

Anywho, the majority of the armor is made from craftfoam, like I usually do lol.

I heatformed this armor (and the helmet flaps) with a high-powered hair dryer this time around, while wearing the various armor bits. Well, I need to reform the arm guards just because the pure HEAT of summer Otakon was like LOL SCREW THE RULES I HAVE MONEY and unformed. D: DAMN YOU KAIBA CORP! ....I mean....the sun! D:

The helmet is the first time I've used paperclay and I love the way it feels, though it starts to get really heavy after a few hours hahahahahahah. The base/inside of the helmet is a combination of MTN DEW VOLTAGE and priority mail carboard boxes. Cause I recycle like a damn BOSS. The paperclay was applied over the cardboard base. Obviously once it dried I sanded it down (slightly, because in game his helmet isn't perfect, it has a lot of dents....unlike some. LIKE AZAI. WHO IS PERFECT IN HIS JUSTICE PANTS. 8D) and added more paperclay to spots that looked wonky. I attached the craftfoam flaps to the edge of where the paperclay ended and the cardboard base stuck out. I went over all this with modge podge like eighty times and then painted it all black.

The cresent is made from foamboard, with a craftfoam and model magic outer shell. I simply attached it to my helmet with SUPER GLUE. CAUSE ITS SUPER. :D

The swords.....well, I'd rather not talk about my COMPLETE LACK OF PROP MAKING SKILL. But alas....I shall. Pretty much all of the sword bits are made of foamboard. For the blade edges I cut each side at an angle and then sanded it down with a really fine sandpaper and then modge podged the hell out of it with a gloss. The sword handles are covered in BIAS TAPE that I had lying around. I have a lot of bias tape everywhere. And stuff. YAY MOAR RECYCLING! The top of the handle is covered in craftoam and painted and stuff. And fun. Lots of fun.

The back of his jacket was lovingly handpainted, sans a stencil because I suck at making those and yessssss. >_> I mixed two parts white fabric paint, one part acrylic metallic pearl white and then added a smmmmmmmmalllll amount of water to mix that stuff all together.

And btw, that jacket, I made completely without a pattern. I laid the fabric down (with the lining fabric on top of it) and then drew out what I thought it should look like and then cut it out. LOL. I got lucky once again cause it fit and stuff hahahahhahahahha. And yes, the jacket is fully lined. Because that makes it nice. =D

The eyepatch is made from craftfoam as well and actually matches the ingame verison. Its made from 3 layers of craftfoam to get the full effect. Since his patch has a sort of pattern on it. I also painted it to have a sort of weathered look to it as well. Its huuuuge and eats mah face. XD

The gloves were my Squall gloves that I ganked. And then painted with a combo of gold/golden yellow/& white acrylic paint. I had to mix all that together. Also, note to self if you add too much gold everything turns green. D:

The chest armor is armor, btw. Well, craftfoam armor. But still. ITS ARMOR. XD A giantic, fitted piece of craftfoam. XDDD
@Bur Loire
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Series Sengoku Basara
Character Date Masamune

KZSU where did you get the Date costume and if you made it can you tell me how? like what materials i need, even though i never made anything in my life..

kanezug 伊達政宗は最高にカッコイイですね!! VERY NICE!! 突然のコメント失礼致します。 私、楽天ショップにて「まちのごっつぉや」という店を運営している者です。 この度「~愛の米~ 兼続米」をショップ内で販売する事となりましたので、興味がありましたら是非一度ご覧頂きたいと思い、書き込ませて頂きましたで何卒宜しくお願い致します。 店舗URL

PsychoIzuru I remember seeing you and your group at Otakon. You guys did a wonderful job. *claps*

saimon OMG. I love this costume so much! Date is my favourite from this series! I actually plan to cosplay him for my next con (even got my friend to be Yukimura). Any advice you think might help me in the making of my costume?

Hero Tetsu well that is nice made n.n

BlindCalliope OMGGG It turned out so AMAZINGGGGG <333 I want pictures when I get Ake-kins done. XD