ROSENxxxKREUZ as Helga von Vogelweide

Helga von Vogelweide

Trinity Blood

Cosplayer: ROSENxxxKREUZ
I’m still redoing and working on parts of this one so I don’t really have full pics of it yet. Or at least none that I’m overly happy with. So untill I can get the rest of it worked out I’ll at least get my test pics of the Garrison cap and wig up as that’s what I’m most happy with. The Garrison cap was interesting to do. I had to do some digging as to what servicewomen wore in the 1940’s but I think it paid off as I got it to look as close to a real one as I could. The material that it’s made out of is heavy so it holds it shape nicely and it’s lined on the inside so it would be finished off nicely. Because of the thickness of the material of the cap and the thinness of the trim, it made attaching the trim interesting. The pins on side of the cap I bought online. Lazy I know, but they were really sharp looking and I simply ran out of time to make them myself as I was working on my Caterina Sforza cosplay at the same time and trying to get it ready as well. I tried and failed at the wig like five times. For this finial version I started with one long wig and brushed it out really good. I found two small round metal ring things that had ivy around them, they’re those round metal frame things that you set one of those big thick round table candles in so it looks like the candle has floral crap around it. They were on sale at the craft store so I got two of them and ripped all the floral crap off of them so I was left with the round metal frames. I divided the wig in half and weaved each half through and around a circular frame and then set it up against the side of the wig. Having the framework under the wig has really held the hair in place nicely and it’s survived several cons and is still in tact. The rest of the wig was simply some hair that I curled and set and attached to the center of each bun and the front part was some hair that I braided and pressed to make it look a zigzagy as in the art book pics of her, her hair up front is like that and kinda reminds you of cracked ice. The collar thing I made by taking two large white iron on patches and ironing them onto white material. After cutting them out, I used the iron to fold them and press them into a triangular shape mocking a shirt collar. Once they had the shape I wanted I glued the folds so the shape would hold, the result being that the folded glued layers made for a very stiff “shirt collar” so it holds up well. The tops I just folded down, pressed and glued to a bit of trim that I put Velcro on the back of to hold it on so I can wear it sort of like a large choker. The earrings are actually Christmas ornaments that I made from a craft kit that I came across at the craft store. It had been discounted after the holidays and the colors matched what I needed so I got it to try it. I’m really happy with them as they’re very lightweight plastic and large enough so that you notice them but not soo big that they get to be stupid looking. I used some of the silver Christmas ornament hanging thread stuff that came with the kit, so they’re literally hanging over my ears. My ears aren’t pierced due to an infection I had when I was a kid and I never wanted them redone because of it. But the top of the earrings hang to where it looks like they really are in my ear. The thread over my ears is thin and unless someone’s standing right next to me at is looking at the side of my head, you don’t see it, so there’s no issue with it looking bad or distracting or anything. The Orden symbols on the collar are the real deal. They were key chains that I ordered from FUNimantion, took the loops off of, used bolt cutters to trim the excess, sand the edges, and attach them with sticky back velcro so they can be removed when I wash it. Perhaps that was lazy but at least I was buying something from FUNimantion and showing support and interest in the show and it’s merchandise, so I didn’t feel totally guilty about it. Plus they’re really crisp and make it look sharp and more realistically military than anything I could of done! lol That and the Caterina Sforza cosplay was calling in the other room so… lack of time sometimes you don’t have a choice. But I did make up for this lazyness by making Helga’s slave bracelets! ^_^

I’ve met amazing Trinity Blood cosplayers at OhayoCon and I hope to meet more!!! So… if you cosplay Trinity Blood at SUGOICON or at OHAYOCON or if you have plans to do so… pleeeeease contact me!! I’d love to meet up, take photos, gush, ponder if Trinity Blood cosplay is ever actually finished lol, etc. But, I love meeting ALL Trinity Blood cosplayers so even if you’re not going to either of those cons please say hi… but if you are going to SUGOICON or OHAYOCON… let’s meet up! ^_^