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There are three colour variants for the Eighth Doctor -- the black/blue/silver of the movie, and the two comic variants (green jacket/gold waistcoat or blue jacket/red waistcoat). This is the green/gold, which is used in the majority of the comics, the Cosgrove Hall animations, and the scheme assumed in the Big Finish audios.

The jacket is lovely, if not vaguely thin, green velvet, and is modeled exactly after the movie version cut-wise. The waistcoat is two brocades (one flower-patterned, one unpatterned) with non-functional gold buttons and hook-and-eyes underneath.

Unfortunately, I had the wig absolutely perfect, styled using DWM back-issues as reference, but it was stolen.


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Series Doctor Who
Character Doctor (8th)
Variant Green/Gold Comic Book


Pine Apple eight! looooove! Yay eight!

johnnyb84 I think you'll find the green jacket & gold waistcoat WAS in the 1997 televised movie with Paul McGann as The 8th Doctor as well as the comics