Justkiwi as Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Cosplayer: Justkiwi
i saw a similar dress at Forever 21 during summer and it reminded me of Asuka's yellow dress, and wanting to make something nice and summer-y, i went and grabbed fabric at the cheap fabric store... and the whole dress it turned out, only cost me $6!! (yes!)

i was going to get a more orange wig but i wasnt sure how the orange was going to look against my skin and i thought i could also use this wig for future yue ying so i bought it :)

shoes were also bought from online, oh god, highest heels i've ever worn!! my thighs and my calves ached afterwards, but ohh it was worth it :)

sunhat bought from macys :) i was in such a panic mode to get that, but i was glad with my selection in the end!!