KuroBara as Eruka Frog

Eruka Frog

Soul Eater

Cosplayer: KuroBara
True story- I saw someone wearing this, thought it was cute, asked my friend what show it was from, and bam- I'm a Soul Eater fan. I loved the graphic polka dots, the go-go boots, the silly hat, it's all fabulous. The dress is a simple circle skirt with boning sewn into the hem to give it some structure. The polka dots are felt, they were attached with an iron-on fusible. My husband, Agent Bishie on ACE, cut them out. He also helped me with the hat, which has a plastic canvas base. Over that is a layer of paper mâché newspaper strips, then paperclay to smooth it out. That was followed with lots of sanding and paint. The eyeballs glow in the dark. They didn't have to, but I thought it would be a fun addition. I need to work on the fit of the bodice, but otherwise I'm super happy with how Eruka came out.