Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight



the costume is Made by My hands and the Gun(Bloody Rose)

Zero Kiryu: Me


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Series Vampire Knight
Character Zero kiryu


PrincessDominique23 You Zero cosplay is so awesome:)

Foxtale Great!

Mizu Shirotsuki whaaaa! you're identical!!! >v< Congratulations! ^^

pikabear You're the best zero I've seen too!! ( > u <)//! fan fan!!

Mandarr13 You make such a good Zero! Good photos too.

AndyFairy Btw you are one of the best zero cosplayer on here really you to look like zero nice job and keep it up

dark wings Cool Zero Cosplay ! I love it -and the pictures are original!

AndyFairy I love it and I'm proude of the pictures they came out really good , sugoi

hana_shiro woww... new costume =] I really like the poses that you choose...Great job !! P.S. I've just watch VK,and then....what ? The new costume.... Zero, cool =]

fun star OMG!! The realy ZERO!! KAWAII!!