Serah Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



Originally I wanted to cosplay Lightning for the game's release, but the expenses were piling up too quickly and I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish in time. So, I dug through my fabric bin for things I needed and Mauled my Lightning wig into submission for Serah.

I've remade this outfit three times now. Since I've kept photos of each version, I might as well do notes for them.

First attempt:
Shirt- Light grey cotton and polyester mix, There were only so many reference pics I could find so I wasn't 100% sure how to construct a pattern. I used bias tape on the collar and down the front and had brown buttons.
Duster- I used white organza and used a tight zigzag stitch on all the edges. It didn't work as well as I'd hoped lol. The ribbons in the back were hand tacked on.
Skirt-red plaid, black lace, 2 gold buttons and wide gold string I happened to have on hand. Since I was making this for the game release, I really had no idea how in the world to make it!
Accessories- Was totally lost on her necklace, so I used one of my own until Fanime where I made one out of polymer clay. Her armwrap was the same fabric as the shirt and (at first) I just used electrical tape for her armband. I later made one out of foamies, made indents for the details, painted and added studs with a piece of elastic in the back to slide it on and off. Hair ties/bracelets are hairbands with various beads, pearls an a few gemstones I had on hand. For her larger gems I heated a needle over a flame to poke holes in them so I could wire them to the hairbands. Her garters are made from silver pleather handstitched onto the stockings and wonderflex for that weird diamond thing with small silver rope glued to the borders.

Second Attempt:
Wig- Bought, cut and styled a Dark Pink long wig from Epic Cosplay. I loved the length and volume but it wasn't very flattering for my skin tone.
Shirt- Took it in and re-did the light grey panels
Duster- I tried dying organza to the proper shade of pink, but its HARDLY noticeable at all in photos sadly. I also lengthened it by a several inches.
Skirt- I found a pink plaid cotton mix and dyed it darker. I used a more accurate lace and made the gold skirt-piece from brass plated sheet metal. I made the pleats deeper and was pretty happy with it.
Accessories: I finally made NORA earrings out of the same polymer clay used for my necklace. I also got a pair of Italian boots at Savers, cut them down to the right size and painted them with acrylics. I also re-laced them to mimic Serah's. They're still my most comfortable cosplay shoes xD On the top of Serah's leggings I noticed they have a fishnet overlay texture, so I hand sewed black netting onto the tops of mine as well.

Final Attempt:
Wig- Went back to my first wig, re-wefted some bits to make up for the short back and added wefts to the pigtail and curled them to lengthen it.
Shirt-Completely remade the shirt so that the silhouette was more accurate and a bit more flattering. Instead of bias tape I did a reversed rolled hem on the collar and front zigzags. I also used black buttons instead of brown.
Duster- Wised up and used pink chiffon from JoAnne's. I changed the pattern just slightly so that it would fall more accurately as it does ingame. I also tacked it down on my shoulders so it wouldnt slide around.
Skirt- The fabric was a very lucky find, its actually a table runner I got at Savers and turned into a pleated skirt. Gold piece was made the same way as before and I used an even more accurate lace (sadly I have NO close-ups of it OTL).
Accessories- At Fanime I lost my leg garters and my earrings had broken. :c Ill have to redo those


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Aurora Maryte So awesome seeing new photos of this! You are really such an amazing Serah, I'm so glad you were able to be part of our FFXIII group.

LakuriSyaoran very nice~ ;) I love your wig btw~ and you are just super cute <3

Narnian Adorable Serah! You did so well!

Yazmine You make such a cute Serah, great job! =)