Vanessa (aka Ursula)

The Little Mermaid

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My "twin" Tamlin had started working on one of Ariel's princess gowns, and Vanessa was something I can put together without a ton of work (and hey, no wig!) This costume plan came up when Tamlin stated that she wouldn't be singing as Ariel ("I'll be Ariel when she's lost her voice") and I came up with the idea to be Vanessa (I like to sing... perhaps I'll be your singing voice... OHSNAP VANESSA)

Oh goodness, I had such a blast playing the bad guy. Tamlin had never portrayed a "sweet innocent princess" before so I had to give her a bit of coaching (I usually play Princess Peach so I've had lots of experience). She usually plays mysterious or slightly evil/dark characters (Wrath from FMA, Halloween Town Sora, Sheik from Zelda, Romano from Hetalia) and I usually play the highly kidnappable goody-goods like Princess Peach, Aerith, Maya Fey, Luna, etc. What a blast it was to do a full role reversal. We both really got into it and it was awesome.

We did a photoshoot with our photographer, Kuragiman, and we had such a delightful time. Tamlin did some lovely princess photos with her big swooshy dress, and I got to let out my inner villain. Basically I played Vanessa like "Franziska von Karma dialed up to eleven". Superior attitude, smirky, totally in control and loving it. I think my favorite shot was set up as a gloating shot - Ariel on the ground with me standing above her. Completely unplanned, I launched into this big maniacal laugh. I mean big - it carried across the plaza where we were doing the photos - head thrown back, arms out, just cackling evilly. K-man said "you're not the Diet Coke of evil, you're the real thing!!" What a refreshing change of character!

I didn't do much in the way of hair or makeup for this costume, since I've already got long brown hair and whatnot. I did pencil my eyebrows a bit thicker and more severe in the front and wore darker lipstick than usual. I sprayed my hair into "Aerith bangs" because it's essentially what Vanessa has.

I didn't get *everything* done in time with this costume. My husband and I started to work up a light system for the seashell but didn't get it completed. I will have a glowy shell the next time I wear this costume, though!


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Series The Little Mermaid
Character Vanessa (aka Ursula)
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FuriePhoenix You make an awesome Vanessa!!! You both look great!!

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