Chibiusa Rini Tsukino (Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Out of all the costumes I had made prior to this, the most difficult was my Super Sailor Chibi Moon costume. I enjoyed cosplaying Chibiusa and had learned a lot constructing both the costume and the wig, but I wasn't satisfied with the end result and wanted to remake the outfit before cosplaying her again. This time I decided to try the Eternal version of her fuku from Sailor Moon Stars. I redid the wig completely, this time using a clip-on ponytail wig as a base to avoid wefting. I recycled the odangos from the old wig but recovered them with new extensions before sewing them on. All of the hair ornaments are brand new except for the odago clips, where I salvaged the red resin circles but redid the foam backings. The base fuku itself I inherited from a fellow cosplayer, but altered it to be more similar to my Super fuku by adding a detachable collar and fastening the bows with snaps. I painstakingly made the gloves and sewed the ribbon and star accents onto the boots. The wings are white turkey feather ones which I originally made four years ago for my Amano Rinoa costume and have surprisingly held up well. My favorite part of the costume, however, is the Kaleidoscope wand; I hated how small the official toy one was, so I decided to make my own. The hilt is made of Styrofoam with craft foam, metal button, and Sculpty accents; the shaft is a curtain rod from Wal-mart which i embedded in the foam using a power drill. I finally am happy with my Chibiusa cosplay and I hope to cosplay her more often!
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Series Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Character Chibiusa Rini Tsukino (Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon)

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