Laplace no Ma (Laplace Demon)

Rozen Maiden



This costume was a pain in the arss to make, and it was just a mascot head. O.o

It was more comfortable to wear then Nobody Dancer or B-Rabbit.

I was also mistaken as THE Playboy Bunny >.>

It was a fun costume because most people didn't know what I was, but they still wanted photos or hugs. Demon Rabbits are loved.

I want to Sell this costume so please contact me by PM if you're interested.


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Rozen Maiden
Character Laplace no Ma (Laplace Demon)


Ammie Oh wow this looks AMAZING!!! *___* Wonderful job on this!

Sachie Oh wow. PLEASE wear this for a little bit at AN so I can take a picture with you. :D

silverfiction laplace seriously freaks me out everytime he comes on screen... x) but nice cosplay.