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This is version 2.0 of my Lord Knight costume. I feel that it is different enough to make it an entirely new costume. I basically remade all of the armor out of foam, which took about 70+ hours by itself. I also removed the flap off the dress and added the pink ribbon at the bottom of the skirt. (the original pink stripe was actually paint) My original plan was to have fins on the helm, but I couldn’t find one of my fins, so I just stuck with angel ears. They’re a bit too high, but I think it turned out all right.

The sword is made by one of my friends. It’s basically a jeweled sword (the description says that it has a transparent blade). I also have a shield, but it wasn’t finished in time, plus I wouldn’t have been able to carry it anyway.

I actually finished this costume day at around 11am on Day 3 of AX. The funny thing is, the velcro on my side popped as I was walking out the door, but it was fixed later on.

July 11, 2008
This has to be the most uncomfortable costume I have ever worn. The armor is really form fitting and restricts your movement and breathing. Plus finger armor really sucks! I basically walked around con with my sword in one hand and my phone in the other. My arm was sore from holding the sword in the same position for 6 hours! Either way, I still love this costume to death. And it was worth it since I got an award for it. xD


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tankshot009 awesome!!!! lvl 255 LORD KIGHT FTW

M a g g y I love it! Amazing job (: