Lirin has been on my to-do -list for the past four years and as Nekocon was drawing near and I had no time to work on a more complex costume (yay for moving) I decided it was finally the time to be a bouncy little girl. I don't think I've ever cosplayed a character that has allowed me to actually run around and giggle like a hyper ten-yer-old. Gee. (As one of my random con-mates put it "Yeah, I thought it's a weird costume-choice for you.")

... I did make the pants mirrored, though. That's what you get for drawing patterns at 6 AM.

But yay, it's a fun costume and I'll definitely wear it again whenever I can.


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Series Saiyuki
Character Lirin-chan


p1ng666 awsume! you really portray the character!