Resident Evil 4



This costume was hell to make... But is absolutly worth it. It got so much attention at Katsucon I think I'll wear it again despite it limiting my vision to a meer 20%... HAHA That and it easily creeped people out I got comments like "What the hell was that." and "eeeep!" But then again I got "Was that Verdugo?" and "your right hand comes off?" ((My right hand does come off by the way))


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Resident Evil 4
Character Verdugo
Variant Video Game


AllieCat OmG i love you for this!!!!!

Entlassen Sweet dickery, that's incredible. Now, all you need is a midget friend with a tricorn hat...

LadyofRohan Oh my gosh, you are absolutely amazing! I hope I run into you at a con one day! This is seriously the coolest costume I have ever seen!

KamiKazeKage MANY? You don't see any! Mine is One of a kind... SHIT!!! Now everyone is gonna go make on.... V.V

AlphaTeam Hey, nice costume! You don't see many Verdugos around these days!