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I had my main body costume commissioned for Halloween '09 and, I had the skirt hemmed a bit to be shorter in the front, longer in the back. The sailor fuku came with the headband, choker, and gloves. Saving me the hassle of making them. The costume itself cost me 75$.

The Boots cost me about 25$, for both the spray paint(s) I used (that chipped anyways), electric tape (for the top white line and crescent moon), and they got me through both the convention and halloween. Although I had to re-spray paint my boots before Con and they still chipped, and so I used hair spray as an adhesive to try to make them chipless before wearing them. It sort of worked, but when I re-wear this costume, I think I'm going to invest in good gogo boots!

I made my odango's and the hair shields! They took over 15 hours, together. The odango's were such a hassle and took 9 and a half hours on their own. I attached them to a pink head band and dyed my actual hair pink and used my hair to cover the head band. The hair shields took about 2-4 hours, it was mostly letting the paint dry. But they were easy, and I attached them to the odango's using flat backed safety pins.

This costume cost me over 100$ and since Sailor Chibi Moon is my favorite series ever, I was dead set on making it perfect.
The wand: probably 2-5hours between painting, hot glue, and forming the wand.


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Kaneda99 Very cute! You make a very great Chibi Moon! Hopefully there'll be Sailor Moon cosplayers at my con as cute as you :) Thinking about doing a Tuxedo Kamen as well.

starshine530 Cute! I like the hair a lot

EriBear18 i saw you at sakura con this year. so cute!