Jill Valentine [S.T.A.R.S.]

Resident Evil



Uh...Not much to say really lets see...
My hat was given to me as a gift and the pants I bought but!!!
Everything else was made, except for the patch, a friend kindly gave me his which I felt bad for but Thank you!!!! And the watch!! Another friend allowed me to use his watch X3
I styled the wig, made the shirt I'll try to get a photo of the back of it to show the writting. The shoulder pands were my biggest fear honestly lol so intimidating! But I made them too..*sigh*@[email protected] Dont be afraid to message me if you want detailed info ^ ^


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Series Resident Evil
Character Jill Valentine [S.T.A.R.S.]


SuWan @ Shinobi44 I used stencils and then for form of the "S" I kind of did that free hand. >3< I hope this helps you as best as it can!!!

Shinobi44 I'm curious to know, how did you get the writing on the back of the shirt so accurately?? please reply thank you!

Griever 2112 This is one of the best STARS versions of Jill I have ever seen. Is that your real eye color or are those contacts, cause I must say they look stunning.

AtheyChan In my opinion...you are the best Jill ever >w<

PokemonLover AMMMAAAZZINNNNGGG im so jealous lol

Alexiel10 Ahhh Amezing you look great!!!

Angeal very awesome jill cosplay

Leonesaurus You did an AMAZING job on her S.T.A.R.S. costume! You look so beautiful in it SuWan!! I'm glad you were able to finish it! LOL =P

Criana Awesome Jill Cosplay! You look just like her! I hope you upload more pictures!