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So I worked on Sheryl's summer Gira Sama festival kimono for Sakura Matsuri and boy, did I get myself in deep xDDD. This is by far my most expensive cosplay with the amount of details required and the extensive man hours during my spring break to complete. I cried a few times xDDDD

But I love Sheryl, so it's worth it~! Done to compliment Mik0's Ranka Gira Sama and Einobaka's Alto Gira Sama kimonos.

Kimono: Lighter purple matte satin, using the wrong side (because the color was prettier xD) in a basic boxed pattern for regular kimonos. The coral colored sleeve sections and the collar were sewn directly onto the purple kimono for easier dress and time management (and heat control, since I don't want to die with too many layers xD)

Sheer under kimono: ummm, totally a separate skirt xD because I'm lazy and I don't want to die from heat stroke. Red chiffon, two layers sewn into a skirt, ruffled trim at the bottom of the layers, elastic waist band.

Obi: beautiful obi ordered from Yukata Kimono Market Sakura, this great site that sells fantastic Japanese clothing and accessories. The boxes and sakura flowers on the obi were made from craft foam and temporarily attached to the obi. (I have a feeling flowers are going to be missing by the end of Matsuri . . . )

Obi accessories: <~ because there were a TON. Darn you Sheryl. First, the white bottom obi cover was made from left over cotton scraps with a matching white lace trim and ties at the front for easy wear.

The garter obi cover was from sale trim found at Joann's, and I strung thin purple ribbon into the small openings of the center of the trim. Ribbon attached at the end of the obi garter for easy tying.

Purple fake suede ribbon was bought from the trim store for the obijime.

The Galactic Fairy key chain was molded from Magic Mold, dried, gesso-ed, painted and finished with clear glaze. The small tassel was bought and then beaded by me before being attached to the key chain.

Bracelets: all made from Magic Mold and the glazed because I couldn't find accurate enough bracelets xDDD

Tabi socks: Made from scraps of white jersey I had using this site:

Geta: Ordered from CalicoPot, a nifty site for Japanese goods in larger sizes. The geta I wanted only came in brown though so I shoe spray painted them black with three or four coats. Easy enough~.

Leg ribbon: used the same faux suede trim as for the obijime, and made the dolphin attachment by: buying one of those plastic toy animals, cutting off the left side completely and sanding in down, gesso and painting it, attaching metal loops on the cut side and pulling through the purple suede. Tied a dragon knot on the bottom portion of the trim.

Pipe: used a thin wooden dowel cut down to size (with a thinned out end for the mouth piece) and wooden toy vase cut so I could use the 'cup' portion. Drilled a hole in the side of it, glued the wooden dowel into the hole and then gesso and painted the entire thing.

Hair accessories: Oh man xD the silver and gold Kanzashi were used as they were bought because I wanted to keep some simplicity amongst all the crazy details I was already going to have on my head.

The comb (kushi) was a plastic comb painted with gesso and pretty purple paint I had.

The flowers were brought from Michael's, and each individual flower was taken apart from the stem and leaves and chunked together into three separate combs; the little red tuft with the painted/glittered curve stems (with beaded ends), a second red flower tuft with an attached bead and yellow flower poof along with the second section of curved stems, and a third, big pink and blue tuft.

The back piece was ribbon with a mounted heart (made of bend craft wire), bead detailing, and a golden dragonfly. Two sectioned of pink tassels also hang off of it.

Butterfly hair: . . . . not going there. . . . &gt;_&gt;

Can't wait to wear this out~!


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Kanna_tears This looks amazing. Fantastic job!