Saya Kanzaki

Beatmania IIDX



Costume done! Needs some touching up since a lot of the spray paint on the vinyl transferred all over the place due to the extreme heat. Waiting on an official photoshoot with this costume, so look forward to some better pictures in the near future!

THE GOOD: Um, honestly, rather uncomfortable costume. I'd say the only good was that the huge bows managed to stay on my back with limited discomfort. Oh, and also glad my socks/leg bands managed to stay on.Thank god!

THE BAD: A LOT! The wig was so long, go tangled and blew out of place often. Ridiculously tall heels were the bane of my existence. Amazingly short dress made out of vinyl and two HUGE bows on my back made sitting impossible. Sword was also a pain to carry with my armlets. Looked decent but boy was it uncomfortable. Will be choosing more comfortable costumes from now on!

RANDOM OCCURRENCE: Everyone thought I was Miku. YUSH!!!

Our group consisted of myself as Saya, Avocado.Funk as Ereki and jcbisELF as Lilith.


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Series Beatmania IIDX
Character Saya Kanzaki


Avocado.Funk When you were Lightning EVERYONE thought you were Ashe. When you were Alice some guys thought you were from Bible Black. Now you are Miku. HOMG. A Pattern.