Soul Eater



7/14/2009 - Screw it. I don't have enough time to finish it after all. I can't work 9 hours/day and then do everything that needs doing on this costume in just 6hrs. I'll put this on hiatus I guess. Look for it at a future Otakon.

7/13/2009 - Everything is pretty much done, surprisingly. Found out Saturday that I had some of the measurements wrong and so I had to do the top all over again, but it's okay now. I have to cut/sew the boot covers, and add elastic to the arm sleeves. Also need to do the ears. Then there's the hat. I have NO idea how I'm doing that. But I really want to get it done. Other than that, I have a pattern for a little plush pumpkin that I want to make to carry around.

7/04/2009 - Everything's cut out except for the second sleeve and the legs (but then I still have some design work to do on those). Saving the hat for last because at least then I'll have her ears which a complete costume makes...but I really want to get that hat done!

6/25/2009 - I've got the pattern for the main body worked out. Just need to do the arms legs and I'll be ready to go buy my fabric!

I've ordered the wig! All the rest is in the planning stages.


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Character Blair


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