Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



This is my favorite costume and means the most to me, hands down.

This is the costume that I've wanted to do even before I ever realized that I could cosplay. And it wasn't perfect but I LOVE it, nonetheless, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Riku's always been the one character that I love more than anything so I'm just happy I got to play him, even if it was just for a little bit.

I think without that game I would be nothing. And I know that sounds strange and over dramatic, but without I probably never would have started talking to Katrina, my Sora, and the thought of that is almost unbearable. So it's possible that that's the reason this costume means so terribly much to me. I think I owe it much more than what I did.

Soon, this costume is going to undergo a complete re-vamp. I plan to remake EVERYTHING, and make it that much better. : ]


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Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Riku


DoubleDose I miss these costumes!

GuardianofGates Awesome"!!! Cos self made??^^

mooniewolf123 BAH! I remember you guys! Very awesome. Full of win.