Blood Knight (Bloof elf paladin T2)

World of Warcraft



I made this costume to wear at the World Wide Invitational 2008 in Paris, in hopes of getting attention (got that), getting my picture taken by fanboys (got that too), participate in the costume conest (done it too) and win (that i didn't got :()
The idea was to make the blood elf from the WoW webpage (the girly paladin) a bit wearable.
It costed me around 50 euros of fourniture (paint, shoes, wig, book.. included) to make the whole thing.
Elhebore helped me a lot by redesigning and giving me good drawings so i could cut and paint more easely.

It's mostly done with craft foam, and some normal foam was used for the shoulder pieces.
They are GLUED to the top, and the top (which costed me like 7 euros), and i sew the top to my bra (so it shoulder pieces stick to the body instead of pulling the whole thing up :D)


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Series World of Warcraft
Character Blood Knight (Bloof elf paladin T2)


AuraRinoa Very nice ^_^ I did this same set too!