Aerith Gainsborough (In Progress)

Kingdom Hearts II



Still working on the Aerith costume itself- so far all I have ready are my boots, my bow, my contacts, and my hair. XD I'll update this just as soon as I complete the costume, but for now, I'll just show off my face shots. :P


This is finally done! :D I got a new wig, so I'll put up a couple of pictures of that. I'll be having a photoshoot in the full costume soon!


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Aerith Gainsborough (In Progress)


AlmostHolly I love your wig! It makes you look like a Disney princess. :D Really beautiful.

score Awesome! The way you're doing the curls is really cool looking.

Geni want to see it finish =D You look really like aerith ö_Ö wow...

captain_toasty omigosh WOOOOW! it looks like a screenshot! you're so pretty! you make a pretty dern good Aerith :D

Melchiah Very nice Aerith ^_^

PsychoLove You're so beautiful...

Quantum9 Holy JEEZ. Is that you or a shot from Advent Children? Wow.