Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



AntiForm Zexion.

My beloved, black skinned, yellow-eyed baby. I'm rather proud of this cosplay, and found it fun to wear (if not a bit itchy due to the paint).

To apply the paint, I need assistance. The first time wearing it I had my boyfriend's help applying the paint to my neck, ears, and chest. Yes, I was covered in paint, though I wore a shirt to cover most of my torso.

Wig was only about $8, but it was good for my purposes.

It's likely that I won't wear this too often due to paint limitations.


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Created 9 years ago
Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Anti-Zexion


MyDanna What kind of paint did you use?

xSYN this is pretty epic XD

Auburn_Kitty Awesome job! :D

Charlotte00 cool idea! Looks awesome!

Karakuri Wouw! That's something I'd like to do too!! :DD can I copy yout idea..?