Termariel the Tiefling Bard D&D




Termariel Nardane Metztili is a tiefling bard who was raised in an elvish village with her mother (an elven maiden), her father (a tiefling) and her older sister and younger brother.

Whilst trying to save her brother from an unknown shadowy entity, she was murdered in his place. Upon her death, a voice whispered into her mind, offering her a choice. Either serve it and live again, or remain dead. If she choice to remain dead, this entity of darkness promised to kill all those she cared for, forcing her to watch knowing she could have spared them that fate.

In her innocence, Termariel agreed to serve it, her soul being snatched up from her and taken away. She was brought back to life, but without any will of her own. She is a slave to this darkness, a minion to some evil force that she is unable to flee from.

Her existence is tormenting, being summoned to do deeds that repulse her entire mind, but having no way to deny such commands. She is in a constant state of inner conflict with her true self and the dark entity that now controls her.


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Character Termariel the Tiefling Bard D&D


HistorianofHell Yay!! I'm glad someone else has made a tiefling costume! I love it! ;D And the makeup is wonderful as well.

onathanatos Beautiful. =)

Giant-Lenin This looks really amazing, I love the photography!